Can I get Life Insurance if I’m a Rock Climber?

Whether you’re an amateur or professional rock climber, hill walker or mountaineer, taking out some form of insurance will probably have crossed your mind.

Aside from health insurance and travel insurance, you may also be thinking about life insurance.

Most forms of climbing are considered as a ‘high risk’ activity, which means your life is at risk if you undertake them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get life insurance protection.

There are companies who specialise in offering life insurance to climbers. They know the additional factors needed to be taken into consideration that general providers may not be as knowledgeable about.

In this article we explain more about life insurance for rock climbing covering the following:

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We'll match you with your perfect financial advisor

Save time & money with an expert who specialises in cases like yours.

Can I get life insurance if I’m a rock climbing enthusiast?

Yes, you can. However it’s likely you’ll need to go to a specialist provider as it’s not something all life insurance providers offer.

Those who do will expect to know more detail about the nature of your climbing in order to assess the exact level of risk and this may involve asking you where you climb and how frequently you do it. As a result they’ll offer you a standard rate or one with a higher premium.

The best way to find a specialist provider that meets your needs is to speak to an independent life insurance expert, like the ones we work with.

Call 0808 189 0463 or make an enquiry and we’ll match you with an expert life insurance advisor who is experienced in the needs of rock climbers.

Our advisers are regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority and so you will be dealing with a highly trained person that adheres to strict rules of conduct.

What factors will affect my rock climbing life insurance?

When a provider assesses your application they’ll want to find out more details about the specifics of your climbing.

Here’s what you can expect to disclose:

  • Climbing qualifications – If you have any, whether amateur or professional, let your provider know. It shows that you’re knowledgeable and are likely to have had safety training which should mean you’re lower risk.
  • Where you climb – Climbing abroad can be regarded as riskier so it’s important you tell a provider to ensure you’re covered as they may cover some locations and not others.
  • Who you climb with – Solo climbing may be considered higher risk than if you’re climbing with a group.
  • Climb gradient – The type of climb you do can affect the rate you’re offered, higher gradients may attract a premium rate because they’re higher risk.
  • Frequency – The more you climb the more experience you develop which makes you a less risky climber, however, with more experience you may take on more riskier climbs, which is likely to increase the risk.
  • Membership – If you have a membership to a particular climbing body or association, again let the provider know as this can be seen as a positive.

Can I get critical illness cover if I’m a rock climber?

Yes, you should be able to take out critical illness cover as part of your life insurance cover.

It offers you a tax-free cash lump sum should you get critically ill or suffer an injury, defined by the illnesses that are covered in your policy.

There may however be questions specific to your climbing that you’ll be asked to answer before cover is approved, for example if you regularly climb at high altitudes you’re at risk of certain conditions that regular climbers aren’t exposed to.

It’s also possible to take out critical illness cover as a separate policy and there may be circumstances where this may be a better option. An independent financial advisor with specialist knowledge of climbing will be able to advise you further.

Call 0808 189 0463 or make an enquiry and we’ll match you with one of the advisors we work with who have knowledge of arranging life insurance and critical illness cover for climbers.

Can I get life insurance for climbing Everest?

If you’re planning an expedition to climb Mount Everest you should find out what your policy provider offers in terms of life insurance cover as you may find that there are exclusions.

Mount Everest is classed a more hazardous place to climb so is considered separately to general climbing and mountaineering.

You may be asked to pay an extra premium for a trip to Everest, or any of the world’s highest mountains such as K2 or Kanchenjunga, for that matter.

Speak to your provider to find out what their policy is or get in touch and we’ll match you with one of the experts we work with who will be able to tell you which insurance providers offer the best cover for climbers who want to take on Everest.

Will I get an insurance payout if I get injured while climbing?

Life insurance is a type of insurance that is paid out to your family or dependents when you die, but if you’re injured neither of you will get a payment, unless you have a combined policy that includes critical illness/accident cover.

However, depending on the type of life insurance you have you may be able to withdraw some funds, which will in turn lower the lump sum payment your dependents receive when you die.

Speak to an expert about rock climbing life insurance

Due to the specific nature of climbing which makes it different to other high-risk activities, it’s worth speaking with an expert who is familiar with rock climbing and life insurance to help you find the right provider.

They can also answer any questions that you may have on the topics.

Give Online Money Advisor a call on 0808 189 0463 or make an enquiry and let us do all the hard work in finding the specialist with the right expertise for your circumstances.

All the expert advisors we work with are fully independent with access to insurance providers across the whole UK. We don’t charge a fee and there’s absolutely no obligation.

We'll match you with your perfect financial advisor

Save time and money with an expert who specialises in cases like yours

We'll match you with your perfect financial advisor

Save time & money with an expert who specialises in cases like yours.

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