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It’s your money and your future, so get the right advice first time, every time: on everything from insurance and pensions to loans and wills.
Our company has helped over 68,000 customers (and counting) get the right advice on mortgages, pensions, insurance and finance.

Good advice can save you money, but bad advice can cost you everything

A few years ago, Online Mortgage Advisor was established to ensure that everybody who’s in the market to buy a property gets the right advice.

By completely changing the way we thought about how people apply for and get mortgages we developed a system that ensures speaking to the wrong advisor will never get in the way of an eligible customer’s path to the property ladder.

After helping countless customers, many of whom had been turned away by mortgages lenders in the past, get the home finance they need, we applied that same customer-focused formula to other financial services and Online Money Advisor was born. Our goal is to turn the industry on its head, and make people realise that advice isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for most people.

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We don't provide the advice ourselves. We don't think one single company is best suited to all types of customers.
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    Fill out an enquiry form or give us a call. Our knowledgeable and friendly support will assess your enquiry.

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    We will determine who the best expert is for your situation, introducing you to an advisor that helps out people just like you on a regular basis.

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    Whatever your circumstances - whether you want to transfer your pension, better understand critical illness cover or need a will drawing up - your advisor will give you the advice you need.

We only let advisors into our network that meet our standards of expertise for a given area and share our core values.
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How we make our income

We get paid by the people we introduce you to. And we work on a success-only based model.

In the unlikely scenario that you decide not to go with the advisor we’ve passed you to, or if they’re unable to help you get what you want, we don’t get paid.

This means we’re invested in always picking the right advisor and keeping the quality of our network as strong as possible.

For most services the advisor we introduce you to usually won’t charge a fee either. Occasionally a fee will be charged for some services as a matter of standard process (Will writing services, for example), but the advisor will always let you know about this up-front.

Our Core Values

Knowledge & Mastery

Striving for excellence in everything we do

Empathy & Understanding

Judging no one, helping everyone

Care & Honesty

Treating everyone like family


Giving of time, effort and resources

Trust & Ownership

Leaving everyone better than we found them

Friendliness & Fun

Bringing enjoyment to every interaction

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