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        Updated: April 19, 2024

        Life Insurance for Military

        Being in the military means you'll need professional advice when it comes to taking out life insurance. Find where to get the guidance you need in this article

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        We can help! We know everyone's circumstances are different, that's why we work with brokers who are experts in higher-risk life insurance. Ask us a question and we'll get the best expert to help.

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        As a member of the British Armed Forces, having life insurance is something that is likely quite important to you. However, it’s possible that your occupational risk is higher than that of other UK-based workers not in the military, which means you might find it harder to get the right life insurance cover you need at a cost you’re happy with.

        To help you find out more about how you can get the right life insurance cover as a member of the UK military, we’ve written this article.

        What are the benefits of specialist UK armed forces life insurance?

        As a member of the UK military, taking out specialist life insurance cover can help ensure your close family and dependents will be financially comfortable should you pass away unexpectedly while you’re in service.

        Even if your employer provides death in service benefits, it can be a good idea to have your own life insurance policy, one that covers more than just critical illness while you’re in the military. That way your partner or spouse knows they have more than one source of payout to rely on should the worst happen.

        Situations, when an armed forces life insurance policy can be a good idea include:

        • If you have a mortgage
        • Families with children in education
        • If there are any health issues within your family
        • Where you’re the main breadwinner and your salary is essential

        To understand how taking out a life insurance policy for members of the UK’s military can benefit you, it can help to speak with an expert.

        Get in touch and we’ll connect you with the right insurance broker who is experienced in providing life cover to those in the armed forces.

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        Which companies provide life insurance for active members of the UK’s armed forces?

        There are a number of companies who provide life and other insurance for active and retired members of the UK’s armed forces. Some of them are available through online searches, while others aren’t as easily visible and only qualified insurance advisors with access to the whole of market are able to research every military life insurance provider and help you find the best policy for your needs.

        Among the providers of life insurance for members of the armed forces are specialist companies that you might not have heard of and bigger firms who provide a wide range of life insurance products.

        For example, PAX life insurance maybe a specialist UK armed forces life insurance provider you don’t know, while Prudential, who you may have heard of, might also have suitable life insurance products for members of the military (though this will be dependent on your circumstances).

        Some comparison websites can help you find more life insurance companies that can help you, but not all. That’s when speaking with an insurance broker experienced in armed forces life insurance can prove helpful. Not only can they answer all your questions, they can also find the right policy for you, even if its from a life insurance company you’ve never heard of.

        The specific role you play within the military will also have a large impact on the terms you’re likely to be offered. For example, a chef will more than likely get more favourable terms than a bomb disposal expert. Luckily, the brokers we work with know who the best firms to approach are.

        Is there a specific life insurance plan?

        Yes, you can get a specific life insurance policy for UK army staff and veterans, too.

        Those policies take the following into consideration:

        • Your role
        • Your branch
        • The risks you face
        • Your entire military kit
        •  Whether or not you’re on active duty
        • Based in the UK or retired
        • The environments you’re likely to be deployed to

        However, due to the specialist element of some life insurance providers or policy niches from better-known providers, the cover they offer is often more suitable than a broad policy where you tick that you’re a member of the military.

        Some providers work only with members of the armed forces; that means they have a very good understanding of what risks you face at different stages throughout your career, giving life insurance cover that’s tailored to your needs at different stages throughout your military career.

        It’s also good to know that in many cases, the premiums from specialist armed forces life insurance providers can be lower than more general policies. Of course, that’s not always the case but it’s something worth investigating, particularly if how much the cover costs is important to your decision on whether or not to take out a policy.

        In addition, where some general providers might not provide life insurance for an actively serving member of the army, a number of specialist policies will.

        Make an enquiry to speak with a specialist advisor to find out more information.

        Can I get cover as a member of the Navy?

        Yes, you can. The UK Navy is a recognised part of the armed forces and that means you can secure life insurance under military policies, as a veteran and as during active service.

        Armed forces life insurance policies are designed for members of the military and some policies will cover only members of the Navy while others will be a broader and cover all of the armed forces under one umbrella.

        Can I get life insurance if I’m in the air force?

        Again the answer is yes, you can get life insurance cover if you are currently serving in the air force or are retired from it. In most cases the air force falls under the description of the military and where providers prefer to offer specific policies for different armed forces elements, the air force will also be included.

        What if I’m a member of the reserve forces?

        It’s not essential but having life cover as a member of the reserve armed forces can be a very good idea. That’s because it would ensure your family and any other beneficiaries are taken care of if the worst happens while you’re on exercise or serving as a reservist.

        To make sure you’re buying the right life insurance that covers you as a reserve member of the UK military it can help to speak with an expert, like those we work with.

        Fully qualified insurance advisors, with experience in life insurance for members of the armed forces can answer any questions you might have. They also have access to the whole of market which means they can find you the right policy with the best premiums.

        Do retired UK armed forces members need specialist cover?

        Again, in many cases military retirees don’t have to get specialist life insurance, but it can be a good idea. That’s because life insurance that’s been designed specifically for retired armed forces employees will include cover for all the types of things that are relevant for that group of people.

        That’s not to say that life insurance policies from larger, more general providers won’t give you the cover you need, but in some cases they might not.

        If you speak with a life insurance specialist, chances are they will:

        • Be able to provide you with the cover you need
        • Have specific areas of cover other, more general insurers might not
        • Offer you a life insurance policy with reasonable premiums

        Speak to an expert today

        Can I get specialist armed forces life insurance for my spouse?

        If your job is in the British army or armed forces, many people may assume that you’re the main earner in your household and that only your income needs protecting with a life insurance policy. However, just as in many other walks of life, the spouse of a member of the military often works and in many circumstances, their wages are as important to the household income as the member of the marines, army or navy.

        With that in mind, it’s just as important to ensure the spouse of the UK military member has the right life insurance as it is for the person working for the armed forces.

        Sometimes, a regular life insurance policy, such as is available from the providers you have heard of, can be enough. In some cases you might also consider the benefits of a military survivor benefit plan versus specialist armed forces life insurance.

        However, if as a member of the British military you’re on active duty, your spouse might require a more specialist life insurance option, such as is available for military members through the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) in the US.

        Speak to an advisor for more information.

        Are there specialist products for disabled veterans?

        If you’re a retired veteran of the armed forces and are also disabled, you might think you could struggle to get the right life insurance product for your needs.

        However, because there is a niche market of specialist military life insurance, some of those products include options for disabled veterans among a variety of other issues that affect members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Reserves.

        Of course, you may not find the details of those policies that have specific cover available for your needs, such as being a disabled veteran. But if you speak with an expert, like the life insurance brokers we work with, they’ll know exactly where to turn to get you the life insurance cover you’re looking for.

        Speak with an expert today

        To find out more about specialist life insurance for members of the UK’s armed forces it can help to speak with an experienced advisor, like those we work with. To get the questions to all your answers and find the right cover for your specific needs, call us on 0808 189 0463 or make an enquiry.

        We’ll find out exactly what you need and put you in touch with the right life insurance expert who can provide you with competitive quotes.

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        We can help! We know everyone's circumstances are different, that's why we work with brokers who are experts in higher-risk life insurance. Ask us a question and we'll get the best expert to help.

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