Life Insurance for Offshore Workers

As an island, the UK is home to many offshore workers in a variety of industries, most of whom require life insurance, just like those who work on the mainland.

However, due to the higher risk nature of some offshore jobs, securing the right life insurance policy at a premium you’re happy with isn’t always easy. That’s when speaking with an expert can help, one who can answer all your questions and help you find the best offshore life cover for your needs.

For the time being, to help give you more information on offshore life insurance policies and bonds, we’ve written this article.

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We'll match you with your perfect financial advisor

Save time & money with an expert who specialises in cases like yours.

What is offshore life insurance?

Offshore life insurance is a product for people whose primary residence is the UK but they work off the mainland, most of the time. Many different industries and jobs mean that even though someone’s family is settled in the UK, they may need to work either off the coast of the UK or even further afield, for much of the time.

Offshore life insurance and international offshore cover, can give those workers and families the life insurance they require in the UK, even though they work offshore or out of the country, sometimes in a risky job or a country that has an unstable political regime or is at war.

Can offshore oil rig and gas workers get life insurance?

Yes, it is possible for offshore oil rig and gas workers to get life insurance policies, although not all insurance companies will provide cover for this line of work.

While working on an offshore oil rig or as an offshore gas engineer is often considered too risky an occupation for many more general insurers provide life cover for, offshore oil rig and gas workers can still secure life insurance in the UK with many other providers.

Although offshore oil and gas workers may be occupations that are quite well-known, there are also other risk, offshore jobs where people can also secure life insurance, albeit from specialist life insurance providers.

They include:

  • Subsea roles, such as submariners
  • Renewable energy-related jobs that require a lot of off-shore working time
  • Merchant marine roles, including for private businesses or the RFA
  • Offshore roles that require regular work conducted at height

There are a number of other job roles conducted offshore that some companies will consider providing life insurance for. If you’re concerned your offshore job could be considered risky by life insurers, make an enquiry and we’ll connect you with an expert to discuss your options.

Is offshore life insurance only provided by specialist companies?

No, many offshore workers can get life insurance from general insurance providers as well as specialist companies. However, some life insurance providers can consider some jobs too risky and they will either:

  • Charge a very high premium for life insurance.
  • Refuse to provide you with life insurance.

In these instances, it can make more sense to speak with a life insurance expert, like those we work with. They can answer any questions you have about offshore life insurance and also help you find the right provider and policy for your specific needs.

As with other financial services products, where there is a specialist or niche requirement, specialist companies can often provide you with a better policy. In this case, however, offshore life insurance or international offshore life cover is most likely what you need.

Not only will the policy cover everything you need it to, you often find that due to the nature of those specialist life insurance companies, the premiums can be lower than those offered by a more general life insurance provider.

Should I consider offshore life insurance bonds?

Offshore life insurance bonds can be considered as a one-off premium payment offshore life insurance product, similar to US offshore private placement life insurance. However, while they could well suit your requirements (to payout upon your death as an offshore worker) that’s not their only use.

They’re also used as a form of investment that’s held offshore and are, as such, a tax-efficient investment option. That means offshore life insurance bonds could offer a dual benefit as a tax-efficient offshore investment and as a possible option for offshore life insurance for those working outside of the UK but whose primary address and a family are based in the UK.

Offshore life insurance bonds do have excellent tax benefits, provided they are used in the right way.

If you’re interested in offshore life insurance bonds as a form of cover for you as an offshore worker, it can be a good idea to seek expert advice.

That way you can ensure you select the right offshore life insurance cover for your needs, whether its a policy provided by a specialist company or an offshore life insurance bond.

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We'll match you with your perfect financial advisor

Save time and money with an expert who specialises in cases like yours

We'll match you with your perfect financial advisor

Save time & money with an expert who specialises in cases like yours.

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