HIV and Life Insurance

It has long been a common misconception that life insurance is unavailable for anyone who has been diagnosed as HIV positive. In reality, this is simply not the case.

Following a positive HIV diagnosis, many people have reached the (wrong) conclusion that their life insurance policy will now be invalid and have cancelled their cover, while others have deemed it unnecessary to even apply.

This article takes a closer look at the circumstances where life insurance policies can be put in place for HIV patients in the UK.


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Can you get life insurance with a HIV diagnosis?

Yes, despite what has often been thought, it is certainly possible. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is still a disease without an absolute cure, however due to significant advances in medical research, it can now be treated in the same way as many other pre-existing conditions.

It is true to suggest getting life insurance cover for people who are HIV positive is not as straightforward as for those with no adverse medical history. This may mean some products may only be available with an increased premium or simply not available at all.

However, this is exactly the same as other pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, for example.

An insurer will want to understand how high the level of risk is with this particular medical condition.

They do this by asking a series of questions such as:


  • When were you first diagnosed?
  • What is the treatment you have received to date?
  • What is your CD4 count? (snapshot of how your immune system is functioning)
  • What is your viral load? (amount of HIV in your blood)
  • Any history of hepatitis or drug use?

If you have only recently been diagnosed with HIV, it’s highly likely most insurers will defer any decision on your life insurance application for up to twelve months to see how you react to treatment.

An insurer will not collect information which is deemed irrelevant such as your sexual orientation as this will not influence their decision even if you freely disclose it.

The type of policy, amount of cover and length of term you can be offered will generally be determined by the stage of your illness and may differ depending on the insurer and their internal risk assessment criteria.

It is possible for someone with HIV to receive the same amount of life cover and term as someone who does not have this type of medical condition.

If you’d like to understand more about what type of medical questions are likely to be asked by a life insurance provider if you’re HIV positive, get in touch and we can arrange for an expert to contact you directly.

The advisors we work with are experienced professionals who have a full understanding of the whole market and they can help you find the best solution that fits with your own personal requirements.



If I’m diagnosed as HIV positive, does this invalidate an existing life insurance policy?

If you’re diagnosed during the term of an existing policy, the first thing to do is check the terms and conditions of your life cover to confirm there are no exclusions for HIV diagnoses.

If no such exclusions exist, your medical condition is, therefore, covered. You are under no obligation to disclose this to your insurer as the terms were set and agreed from the outset of the policy before your HIV diagnosis was confirmed.



Is HIV covered under a life insurance policy in the UK?

Yes, it’s quite typical for life insurance companies to include HIV as a valid ‘cause of death’ within their policy terms and conditions.

If your line of work places you in a position where there may be an increased risk of exposure to HIV infection (medical staff or emergency services employees, for example) you may want to consider reviewing your current life insurance coverage.

If you get in touch we can arrange for one of the advisors we work with to contact you and provide some life insurance quotes that best suit your requirements.



Do life insurance companies always test for HIV?

No, not in every case. For a standard life insurance application, a HIV blood test would usually only be requested randomly.

HIV testing would normally be required for life insurance policies where large amounts of cover have been requested or if any lifestyle or medical history declared on the application suggests that a test may be necessary (evidence of previous drug use, extensive international travel etc).

The costs associated with a HIV test would be covered by the insurer. You would not typically be asked to take a test if you’ve already declared on your application that you are HIV positive.



Can I get life insurance if I have AIDS?

As with HIV, if you are diagnosed with AIDS during the term of an existing life insurance policy where no exclusions exist for such a condition, then your policy will remain valid.

A life insurance application would be much more difficult to gain clearance from UK providers for aids patients with a pre-existing condition.

However, the one exception to this would be for a guaranteed life insurance plan (usually available for people aged between 50-85) where a company would not require any medical underwriting or health questionnaires, regardless of whether you suffer from either HIV or AIDS.



Speak to a life insurance expert

Getting life insurance cover no longer has to be any more challenging for someone who has HIV than it is for all other pre-existing medical conditions. The advisors we work with can help you find the best type of cover that suits your personal circumstances.

All advice is free and any information is always given in the strictest confidence. Call us on 0808 189 0463 or make an enquiry to get started.


We'll match you with your perfect financial advisor

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