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        Interest-Only Mortgages

        We have all the information you'll need across a host of different articles about interest-only mortgages.

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        An interest-only mortgage can be a sound option for those who wish to keep their monthly repayments to a minimum. But there’s plenty to think about before you decide that this is the mortgage type for you, including repayment vehicles, potential alternatives and more.

        Read through our articles below to find out more about interest-only mortgages and get a clearer idea of whether it’s the right option for you.

        Interest-Only Mortgage Guide

        The place to begin for a complete overview of interest-only mortgages, including how they work, what alternatives you could consider and much more.

        Changing a Mortgage from Interest Only to Repayment

        Find out how to change your mortgage from interest only to repayment and learn how a broker can help save money when you do it.

        Switching to an Interest-Only Mortgage

        Learn whether you can change your mortgage type to interest only and read about the implications of this as well as the benefits.

        First-time Buyer Interest-Only Mortgages

        A guide to interest-only mortgages for first-time buyers, covering all of the specifics you need to know about if you’ve never owned a property before.

        Interest-Only Mortgage Costs

        Read about all of the costs typically associated with interest-only mortgages, including admin fees, legal costs, early repayment charges and more.

        Interest-Only Offset Mortgages

        A complete guide to interest-only offset mortgages, covering how they work, the main benefits of them and how to get the best interest rates.

        Interest-Only Secured Loans

        A complete guide to interest-only second-charge mortgages, including how they work, how to get one, how they differ to repayment secured loans and much more.

        What Happens at the End of an Interest-Only Mortgage Term?

        Find out what your options are and how a broker can help you when your interest-only mortgage reaches the end of its term.

        Interest Only Vs. Capital Repayment Mortgages

        A head-to-head comparison between interest only and repayment mortgages, including pros and cons of each, why you’d choose one over the and more.

        Retirement Interest-Only Mortgages

        A complete overview of retirement interest-only mortgages, including eligibility criteria, how to apply for one, pros and cons of RIO mortgages and much more.

        Part-and-Part Mortgages

        A complete overview of part-and-part mortgages, covering how they work, how to get where and where to turn for advice

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