Critical Illness Cover for Arthritis

When it comes to arthritis and other conditions that can prevent you from working, critical illness cover can provide some comfort. Critical illness insurance pays you a tax-free lump sum should you be diagnosed with a specific condition defined in your chosen plan, which can go towards costs like paying your mortgage if you’re unable to. 

The types of conditions will vary with each insurance company, and the payout will typically depend on the severity of your condition.

In this article we explain more about what you can expect from taking out critical insurance cover if you have arthritis.

We’ll cover the following useful topics:

Does critical illness cover arthritis?

Yes, you can get critical illness cover for arthritis, but as there are many different types of arthritis and everyone has different levels of severity. Insurers may vary with what lump-sums they can offer you in the event of a diagnosis. 

That’s why we recommend that you look around and research different companies to compare what they offer to find the best cover for your personal circumstances. 

Alternatively, get in touch with a critical illness cover expert, like the ones we work with. They can research the different insurance companies on your behalf and match you with the most appropriate ones for your needs. Make an enquiry to get started.

Does critical illness insurance cover rheumatoid arthritis?

Yes, though rheumatoid arthritis may not be offered by every critical illness insurance company, and you may have to choose it as an add-on, which could increase the cost of your policy. If a member of your family has the condition, this could also affect the price.

In the event that you are diagnosed with a condition, insurers will generally evaluate the severity of your condition and how it affects your life by checking which daily activities you can or can’t do.

For example, some will pay out a percentage based on the number of things you can’t do, which could result in you receiving 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the amount of critical illness sum that you have assured.

There are other companies that will pay you 100% if you fail on three of the daily activities that they assess your severity on, especially if you have total permanent disability, meaning that you’re unable to work in the occupation that you may be trained to do.

Does critical illness cover osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis isn’t classed as a high-risk condition. Whether you can get the benefits of critical illness cover will depend on how severe your symptoms are, and if your lifestyle factors (such as smoking or BMI) could potentially  have an impact on other areas of your health.

As it’s classed as a less severe condition, the rate of critical illness cover is likely to be similar to someone with no history of medical conditions. 

Is psoriatic arthritis covered under critical illness insurance?

It is possible to get psoriatic arthritis covered under critical illness insurance. 

However, before a provider can make a decision regarding your lum-sum payment, they will take into consideration factors such as the date of your diagnosis, how severe your symptoms are and what type of treatment you’re receiving.

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