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        Bad Credit Mortgages

        We have all the information you'll need across a host of different articles about bad credit mortgages.

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        Not long ago, it was really difficult to get a mortgage with bad credit of any kind, but the market has opened up in recent years and lenders are becoming more accommodating.

        People with all kinds of adverse credit now have mortgage options thanks to the work of specialist brokers and flexible lenders. You can read all about the kind of mortgage deals that are available to people with bad credit in our array of articles below.

        Bad Credit Mortgages Guide

        A complete guide to bad credit mortgages, covering how they work, the lending criteria for them, how to go about getting one and much more.

        Joint Mortgages With One Bad Credit Applicant

        Find out what your options might be if you’re applying for a joint mortgage and one of the applicants has bad credit against their name.

        Getting a Mortgage With a Default

        Read about what kind of mortgage prospects you might have if you’ve got a default on your file, covering your chances of approval and more.

        Getting a Mortgage With a CCJ

        Learn whether it’s possible to get a mortgage with a County Court Judgement (CCJ) on your file, covering when they can be overlooked and more.

        Mortgages After Bankruptcy

        A guide to applying for a mortgage after a bankruptcy, covering what your prospects are and where you can turn for professional advice.

        Getting a Mortgage With Late Payments

        Find out whether having late payments on your credit file will affect your mortgage options, covering possible solutions, when they can be overlooked and more.

        Bad Credit Mortgage Brokers

        How to find a mortgage broker who specialises in bad credit and why it’s in your best interest to speak to one before you apply.

        Bad Credit Remortgages

        A guide to remortgaging your home if you have bad credit, including how to get approved and how to make sure you get the best deal.

        Bad Credit Mortgage Rates

        Gain insight into how bad credit can affect the mortgage rates you qualify for and learn how to get the best deal despite your credit issues.

        Bad Credit Mortgages in Scotland

        How to get a mortgage in Scotland with bad credit on your file, including how the market is different north of the border and more.

        Getting A Mortgage After An IVA

        Learn about what steps you can take to still secure a mortgage after an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) has ended

        Getting A Mortgage With A Debt Management Plan (DMP)

        Find out whether it's still possible to get a mortgage with a DMP and how using the services of a broker can improve your chances

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