Pilots Life Insurance

Pilots life insurance is something that some people might think is harder to secure than standard life insurance. However, while some types of pilot roles might require specialist providers and policies for life insurance, you might be surprised to hear that commercial pilots can often get life insurance as easily as someone in a less risky job.

However, if you’re a helicopter pilot, enjoy some recreational flying or are looking for some other type of aviation cover, the underwriting of a life insurance policy can become more complex, which tends to add to the cost of your premiums.


To help give you some basic information, we’ve written this article. In it we discuss:



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Where can I get pilots life insurance?

As we said in the beginning, if you’re commercial pilot flying planes for a business then in many cases you could secure life insurance from your normal provider, under a standard policy. That’s because, in most circumstances, being a commercial pilot is no longer considered particularly risky.

Of course, each provider of pilot’s life insurance and the policies they provide are different and you’ll always have to answer a range of questions about your job.

Questions you might be asked could include:


  • How many years have you been a commercial pilot?
  • How many hours do you fly a year on average?
  • Do you fly long haul or transatlantic/transpacific?
  • Do you also fly in a recreational capacity?
  • Do you regularly pilot other types of aircraft such as helicopters or fixed-wing planes?
  • Do you take part in stunt pilot exhibitions?

Those questions, and others relating to flying and your aviation experience or job as a pilot, will be in addition to the typical life insurance questions about your health and the type of cover you’re looking for.


Does flying outside of my commercial pilot role affect my life insurance application?

The answer to that depends on what type of flying and piloting you do and how regularly you do it, in addition to your job as a commercial pilot. If you regularly work as a stunt pilot, then that has the potential for your life insurance to not be on standard terms.

However, if you fly a helicopter occasionally for a private client, then that would probably have less of an effect. If you’re concerned that the combination of flying as a pilot along with additional flying you do will lead to extra underwriting and higher life insurance premiums, you might want to speak with a pilot life insurance expert, like those we work with.

An experienced advisor can answer all your questions and help make sure you get the best policy, at a cost you’re happy with. Get in touch with on 0808 189 0463 and we’ll connect you with the right life insurance advisor for your pilot cover needs.



Is there life insurance for student pilots?

Yes, student pilots can get life insurance during their training. Once you’re fully licensed, you’ll need to update your policy to the relevant pilots cover.

However, not all standard life insurance companies will provide this and it’s also important to ensure the student pilot life insurance policy you get gives you the cover you need for the types of planes you’re flying during your training. That included when you’re on the pilot training campus and flying out of it, too.



Can I get life insurance as a helicopter pilot?

Yes, you should be able to secure life insurance for yourself. However, the policy premiums can rise depending on what type of helicopter piloting you do.

If it’s commercial, with an acceptable number of hours over the year on routes and in areas that are considered safe, your premiums shouldn’t be too costly. If there’s more risk involved, such as you work as a military pilot in active service, then the premiums would reflect that.

To make sure you get the right helicopter pilot life insurance cover for your needs, it can be useful to speak with an experienced insurance broker. They can answer all your questions and help make sure you fill in your application forms correctly to get the right pilots life insurance cover.



What effect would regular hang gliding have on my policy?

If you hang glide regularly, it might have an effect on your life insurance policy. Although it shouldn’t affect your chances of securing the right life insurance, provided you disclose it as a hobby.

In some cases, you should be able to get cover from a standard life insurance provider. However, sometimes that’s not the case and you’ll need to find a specialist life insurance provider who covers pilots and other types of flying instructors and enthusiasts, including hang gliders.

A common consequence is an exclusion applied to the policy that there will be no payout if you die as a result of a hang-gliding accident.

It’s not always easy to find the right life insurance company to give you the cover you need at a price you’re happy with, so if you are a hang glider who needs life insurance, it can make sense to speak with an insurance broker with experience in pilots and other aviation-related jobs.



Speak with an expert

If you’re a pilot of any kind, or fly as a recreational hobby and are looking for life insurance you can find the best cover by speaking with an independent life insurance advisor.

Call us on 0808 189 0463 or make a quick online enquiry and we’ll put you in touch with a life insurance advisor with the right experience for your needs, who has access to the whole of market, to help you secure the perfect pilot’s life insurance policy.

All the expert advisors we work with are independent with access to all the insurance providers across the UK, so they are well-positioned to find you the right policy at the best available price, no matter what kind of flying you do.


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