Getting Life Insurance When You Have Pre-Existing Conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical condition and you’re looking for life insurance cover, the good news is that you probably have plenty of options.

In this article, we discuss how life insurance for pre-existing conditions works and how to find the best life insurance if you have a recognised condition.

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A quick guide

In the quick guide below, we’ll outline how life insurance with pre-existing conditions works and a few things to bear in mind when searching for cover.


The list of pre-existing conditions is immense (and growing)

There are hundreds and hundreds of pre-existing life insurance medical conditions recognised by the insurance industry. And, as medical science advances, the list is always changing.

Just a few examples can include cancers, mental health conditions, a range of natural injuries, heart conditions and diabetes.


The quotes you get will depend on your unique circumstances

Life insurance quotes with pre-existing conditions are not treated equally. Just because you and another person have the same condition, doesn’t mean that you’ll be seen the same way by insurers.

A whole range of individual factors, such as your age, lifestyle and family medical history, help to determine your risk profile, and consequently the quote that you’re given.


Your lifestyle is also a factor

Whether or not you live an otherwise ‘healthy’ lifestyle can affect your eligibility and the price you will need to pay for the cover you need.

For example, if you can show evidence that you eat well, exercise regularly and limit smoking and drinking, you may be able to get a better deal on life insurance with pre-existing medical conditions in the UK.


Honesty is the best (and only) policy

If you’re not completely truthful about the extent of your condition, your lifestyle and any associated conditions, insurers may render your policy void, and refuse to payout in the event of a claim.

So, as they say, honesty is the best policy when it comes to life insurance with medical problems (and most things, probably).


You may be asked lots of health questions and possibly asked to have a medical examination carried out by a GP

For an insurer to be able to offer you a life insurance policy with pre-existing conditions, they first need to be able to determine your health.

To do this, they’ll need to look into your medical history in more detail than they might for someone who doesn’t have a condition. This can involve you filling out a questionnaire, being asked to take a medical examination or being required to provide your medical records.

Remember to answer all questions as accurately and honestly as possible as any incorrect information could have an effect on any future claim you may make on the policy.

You’re certainly not obliged to take any tests, provide any records, or answer any questions, but an insurer may refuse to cover you if you don’t.


It can vary a lot from one provider to the next

The great news about this is that if you’ve been declined insurance by one provider, it doesn’t automatically mean ‘no’ from the industry as a whole. Each life insurance provider has its own set of underwriting criteria for life insurance with existing medical conditions.

Some insurers are much more understanding when it comes to certain conditions. This is where an expert who knows which insurers are best for which condition can be worth their weight in gold.

Which leads nicely to the next section.



How to get the best deal

Below we’ve outlined a number of ways to save money on life insurance for pre-existing conditions.


  • Find the right provider – Each provider has a different set of underwriting criteria, which means that there is often someone out there who will be willing to insure you and, if you find the right one,  get you the best deal on life insurance with a medical condition.
  • Live the healthiest lifestyle that you can – No matter how serious your condition may be, insurers tend to reserve the best prices on life insurance for pre-existing medical conditions for people who can demonstrate that they’re doing their best to manage their condition, and live an otherwise healthy lifestyle.
  • Speak to an expert – A life insurance expert will have an idea of which providers are best for your specific condition and circumstances.

The experts we work with are all independent financial advisers with access to insurance providers across the whole UK. Being independent, they are not tied to any particular provider, and can comb the whole of the insurance market, ensuring that you get the best deal out there.

Not only can this save you money on premiums, it can also ensure that you buy the appropriate cover. So that you never pay too much for what you don’t need, and never leave your family at risk of being underinsured.




Below we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about life insurance for existing medical conditions.


What’s the definition of ‘pre-existing condition life insurance’?

Put simply, it’s buying life insurance after developing an illness or injury that is recognised by the insurance industry as a ‘pre-existing condition’.


Can I get mortgage life insurance with pre-existing medical conditions?

It’s very likely. But it really depends on what pre-existing condition (or conditions) you have, and how serious they are.

In some cases, you may be able to find cover at normal rates, in others you may have to pay a higher monthly premium for your policy.


Can I get rheumatoid arthritis life insurance?

Quite possibly. If your symptoms are mild and the condition is well controlled, you may be able to get cover at standard rates.

Some factors that may result in a higher premium include:


  • Severe, frequent symptoms.
  • Any related conditions.
  • The type of medication you take.
  • How long you’ve had the condition for.


Can I get life insurance with lupus?

It’s likely, but as there can be a lot of variety between one case of lupus to the next, the kind of quotes you will be offered will largely depend on the extent of your condition.

Factors that can affect your coverage options include:


  • What type of lupus you have (eg DLS or SLE).
  • What symptoms you show and how these affect your day-to-day life.
  • The medication you take.
  • What kind of treatment you’re on and whether you’ve recently been hospitalised.


Can I get life insurance with COPD?

Quite possibly. It depends on how advanced your condition is.

If your COPD is mild, you may be looking at slightly higher premiums. Moderate COPD (ie. increased shortness of breath, medication) may incur higher premiums. If you have advanced COPD, you may need the help of a specialist to find an insurer who will cover you.

Some insurers may decline you outright and you may need specialist help in finding an insurer who will give you cover. Get in touch and one of the life insurance experts we work with will help you get the cover you want at the best available price, dependent upon your individual circumstances.


Can I get fibromyalgia life insurance?

Yes. The kind of coverage you’re offered will depend on the state of your condition – which is likely to be determined by a medical report.

You may be able to find cover at standard rates if your condition is relatively mild. If you require more medication or treatment to manage your fibromyalgia (for example, if you require antidepressants), or you have recently been hospitalised with the condition, you may be quoted at a higher premium.


Are there life insurance policies for dialysis patients?

This depends on the condition you’re on dialysis for.

If you suffer from end-stage kidney disease, kidney failure, or any other form of advanced nephropathy that requires dialysis, cover is likely to be more expensive, but not entirely unattainable. Get in touch and one of the experts that we work with may be able to help.


Can I get autism life insurance?

It’s likely. Many people who are on the spectrum are in perfectly good health, with the condition having little to no bearing on the extent of their lifespan.

However, eligibility for cover will depend, in large part, on the extent of your condition and the impact it has on your day-to-day life.

Insurers are likely to ask if there are any associated conditions, along with the more ‘standard’ questions like whether you smoke or drink.


Does life insurance cover strokes?

This depends. Whether you can get life insurance after a stroke will depend largely on how severe the stroke was – and how long ago you had it.

Life insurance for stroke victims is very often offered on more expensive terms, and you’ll usually have to wait between 6-12 months to get another policy. For a minor TIA, you’re looking at a shorter wait – whereas, with a full ischemic stroke, it could be longer.

Looking for cover or need a question answered? Speak to an expert. Call us on 0808 189 0463 and we’ll connect you with one of the life insurance experts we work with.


Can I get polycystic kidney disease life insurance?

Possibly, though it will depend upon how severe your condition is, along with what associated symptoms (if any) that you suffer. It’s likely that they’ll want to see the results of any recent medical tests.

Insurers will be particularly interested in knowing how long you’ve had the condition, whether you’ve had (or are due for) surgery or transplant. All of these factors may increase your premiums, or decrease the amount of available cover.


Can I get life insurance for kidney disease?

Possibly. The cost and availability of life insurance will depend almost entirely on the kind of kidney disease that you may suffer from, and how advanced it is.

In a great many cases you’ll be able to find cover, even if your disease is advanced. However, an expert could help you get a better deal, regardless of how bad your symptoms are.


Can you get life insurance with pre-existing conditions?

Yes, in most cases you can!

This will largely depend on what condition (or conditions) you have, and standard lifestyle factors such as your age and how much you drink (if at all).

The older you are, and the worse your condition, the more you are likely to pay per month in policy premiums.


Can I get life insurance for cystic fibrosis?

Quite possibly, although it depends on the extent of your condition.

Insurers that offer cystic fibrosis life insurance will want to know:


  • What impact the condition has on your life
  • Your lung function.
  • Any secondary conditions or complications you may suffer from.
  • How many flare-ups you have a year.
  • What organs the condition affects.

The less of an effect your condition has, the cheaper your cover is likely to be. Speak to an expert to find out how your condition could impact the cost of life insurance on 0808 189 0463.


Is there life insurance for people with chronic illness?

In many cases, yes. Individual eligibility comes down to the kind of chronic illness you have, and its extent, along with standard insurance factors such as your age and whether you smoke.

The experts we work with are leading experts in arranging life insurance for chronic illness. If you have a condition (or conditions) and are looking for the best cover for your specific circumstances, get in touch and we’ll put you in touch with someone who knows the best insurers for your condition.


Can I get Meniere’s disease life insurance?

Yes. As debilitating as the condition can be, Meniere’s disease doesn’t usually affect your life insurance premiums. You’re likely to be able to find cover at standard rates, everything else being equal.


Can I get life insurance if I have asthma?

Yes, though what you’re eligible for may depend on the extent of your condition.

Life insurance for asthma sufferers depends quite heavily on how often you experience attacks, what medications you take to control your condition and whether you’ve ever been hospitalised because of your asthma.

Frequent hospitalisations or certain medications may place you at a higher risk in the insurer’s eyes, which may result in a higher premium.


Can you get life insurance if you have hepatitis C?

It’s quite possible. Many insurers are happy to provide cover on standard terms if you’ve made a full recovery and if there’s no evidence of liver damage.

If the condition is ongoing, insurers will want to know about:


  • What treatment you receive for the condition.
  • How long you’ve had it.
  • How hepatitis C affects your lifestyle.
  • How you contracted the condition.
  • If you have any associated conditions.
  • They may also want to do a blood test.


Can I get life insurance with a pre-existing condition if I’ve previously been denied cover?

In many cases yes, though a denial will show up on your file, and may make things harder in future. Remember, you also will have to tell any new insurer that you have been denied cover elsewhere and this may affect their decision.

The best way to get around this is to work with a specialist broker – not only do they know the insurers who are most likely to cover you, given your condition, they’re also able to tailor your application to ensure the best odds of acceptance.



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