Short-Term Disability Insurance for Pregnancy

Nausea, unpredictable vomiting and backache can present real challenges that make working through a pregnancy seem near impossible at times.

Some women experience debilitating symptoms which can be hard testing to endure, especially in instances where it isn’t possible to take any more sick leave.

This is where short-term disability insurance – often referred to as income protection insurance – can help. But how does it work and can you take out a policy if you’re already pregnant?

This guide answers In this article we’ll be answering all these questions and more including:

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How does short-term disability and pregnancy insurance work?

Short-term disability insurance is a type of policy that financially covers you if you are unable to work for a short period of time. Many employers provide some type of short-term disability insurance, but any income paid in benefit may fall short of your regular monthly salary, so it’s worth considering extra protection.

It can be a really useful solution for women if they are unable to work for short periods of time because of pregnancy or complications resulting from pregnancy.

Each policy can vary but typical claims could include time taken off due to late-stage pregnancy, pregnancy complications, childbirth or longer periods of recovery.

Does short-term disability insurance cover maternity leave?

Yes, depending on the terms of the insurance agreement, some policies can also provide support throughout maternity leave.

The typical timeframe that you are considered disabled during maternity leave, and therefore able to make a claim, can vary., The majority of insurance companies classify mothers as disabled for six weeks following the birth of a baby, if there were no complications. This time frame is often extended to eight weeks if a C-section is performed.

There are a wide range of insurance providers that offer short-term disability insurance for pregnancy and each one will have pros and cons that can affect your ability to make a claim as well as the amount you receive.

For example, one policy may provide financial benefits that equate to two-thirds of your salary while another may pay out less. Because of the differing terms and conditions between policies, you should always read the fine print of a short-term disability insurance contract before you sign.

An independent advisor can clarify exactly what it is you would be covered for, helping you to find the best short-term disability insurance for maternity leave.

When should I take out private short-term disability insurance?

Taking out insurance while pregnant can result in higher premiums and, in some instances,  may result in a reduced amount of cover. For example, you may be covered for pregnancy-related illnesses after birth but not before.

The majority of insurance providers who offer cover for short-term disability, require women to have taken out their policy ahead of becoming pregnant.

This is often because pregnancy is deemed as a pre-existing condition and an applicant who is already pregnant is more likely to make a claim.

Therefore, taking out a policy ahead of becoming pregnant can result in a greater choice of insurance companies to choose from and therefore a wider range of rates to compare.

How to find private short-term disability insurance if you’re currently pregnant

Some insurance providers can charge higher premiums to customers who sign up during the pregnancy because of the increased risk to them for having to pay out for a claim.

However, with the help of an independent financial advisor, it may be possible to find a sufficient level of cover at an affordable price, even if you are currently pregnant.

It’s important to have an experienced professional check the small print of your insurance contract ahead of signing. They will be able to highlight any terms that may be unfavourable and ensure you’re aren’t paying more than you have to for the cover you need.

Comparing short-term disability insurance cover for pregnancy

Before taking out any insurance product, it’s important to understand exactly what you’ll be covered for, and under what circumstances.

The level of cover you get depends entirely on the terms of the policy you buy.

Some questions to think about ahead of signing your agreement can include:

  • Does the benefit period match the amount of time you plan to take off?
  • Is the benefit amount enough for you and your family?
  • Does the policy include cover for private hospital stays?
  • Do you want your policy to include cover for postpartum psychosis or depression?
  • Is the cover affordable?

How can I find the best short-term disability pregnancy insurance quotes?

Planning for the birth and the recovery time needed to have a baby can be time-consuming, so it’s good to know that when it comes to the task of comparing insurance quotes, there are professionals who can do this for you.

In fact, having an insurance advisor on your side can be financially beneficial too as they’ll already know the companies that can offer the best quotes. Because they have the tools and experience to know the best companies to go-to for the best levels of cover they can save you a whole heap of time, hassle and money.

They’ll also take the time to understand exactly what you want from your policy and the level of cover you require. Knowing this can help them find you the best-matched policy for your needs.

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We'll match you with your perfect financial advisor

Save time and money with an expert who specialises in cases like yours

We'll match you with your perfect financial advisor

Save time & money with an expert who specialises in cases like yours.

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