Quick Life Insurance

The internet can be a great resource for information but with so many outdated sites, it can be difficult to get a fast life insurance quote that you can rely on.

We’ve helped lots of people who have previously used comparison sites for a quick life cover quote. All too often they end up feeling confused when the insurance company quote them a higher price on application.

Your time is precious, and after all, who wants to spend hours trawling through express life insurance quotes, especially if they’re inaccurate?

Thankfully, there is a simpler way. 
In this short guide we’ll be giving you all the information you need to help you get a quick life insurance quote that takes your circumstances into consideration.

In a hurry? Contact an insurance advisor for an express life insurance quote or call 0808 189 2301.

Is it better to get a quick life cover quote through an insurance advisor?

Quick life insurance quotes are easily accessible online but the reason that online calculators are so quick, is because they neglect to ask the customer vital details that could affect the price of their life insurance.

You might not be aware that the cost of your life insurance premiums are heavily impacted by the likelihood that you’ll make a claim. To calculate this probability, insurers ask multiple questions about your lifestyle, age, medical history, health and habits.

For example, a smoker who has previously suffered a stroke will likely be charged more by an insurer because the likelihood that they might pass away earlier than a non-smoker who hasn’t had a stroke could be higher.

For an insurance company, this is a risk, so ensure they’re managing their risk appropriately, they would charge higher premiums.

Quick quotes online don’t always reflect the customer’s circumstances which is why they can be so vague. A lot of people opt for this option because of a lack of time, which is understandable but it can leave them feeling shocked at the price of their life insurance upon speaking directly to a provider.

There are many other reasons it’s advisable to speak with an advisor including (but not limited to) …

  • Some insurers are more lenient than others regarding yours and your family’s medical history, they’ll therefore know who’ll offer the best terms. Cheapest is almost always not the best.
  • A lot of – but not all – insurers offer additional benefits such as GP, physio and mental health services in their products at no extra cost.

The advisors we work with have in depth knowledge of the providers from the whole of market and know who the go to guys are depending on your needs, preferences and individual circumstances.

Where can you get a fast life insurance quote?

With so many inaccuracies online, who can you trust to give you a quick yet correct life insurance quote? 

An insurance advisor, like the ones we work with, have a wealth of knowledge which they can draw on to quickly calculate how much your life insurance will be with various providers.

They have access to numerous insurance providers across the UK and can save you the time and hassle of comparing quotes because they can do this on your behalf.

After taking the time to understand your situation and listen to what it is you need from your life insurance cover, they will highlight the best insurance companies based on price, underwriting level of cover, maximum payouts and customer service.

Using their database and their expertise can make the process of finding fast life cover a lot easier and ensure you get the best product for you. 

To find out how much your life insurance cover could be with multiple providers, ask an advisor who can quickly let you know.

How quickly can you get life insurance?

It varies between applicant and provider but they’re usually very quick to arrange, normally less than a week. If you are in good health you may even be able to get an instant decision! 

The exception to this rule is if the insurer wants to write to your GP as these often take several weeks for GPs to process. If you’re applying for a mortgage, it’s recommended you arrange the insurance early in the process, just in case.

Contact a life insurance expert for a quick quote

For a quick life insurance quote that takes the finer details into consideration, speak to an independent insurance advisor today.

The advisors we work with can compare fast life cover policies on your behalf to determine which option could provide you with the best level of cover for the lowest price.

Call 0808 189 2301 or send your questions to an insurance advisor by making an online enquiry with us.