How Many Life Insurance Policies Can I Have?

If you’re reading this guide, it’s probably because you’re wondering if you can you have more than one life insurance policy in the UK.

Leaving your beneficiaries a larger amount can provide a solution if you’re worried about their financial future, especially in the event that you won’t be there to help them.

But can you hold multiple life insurance policies and if so, how does that affect your beneficiaries right to claim?

In this article we’ll provide everything you need to know about how many life insurance policies a person can have.

Can you have two separate life insurance policies in the UK?

A lot of people assume that they can only take out one life insurance policy because other insurance products such as home insurance or car insurance only allow one policy per person. 

However, it is possible to buy two or more life insurance policies for one person. 

Can you have multiple life insurance policies?

A common reason why someone may decide to take out multiple life insurance policies is that it can allow them to cover various financial responsibilities.

These may include:

  • Mortgage
  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Tuition fees
  • Funeral costs

How many life insurance policies can you have in the UK?

The amount of life insurance policies that one person can have isn’t limited, however, if you decide to buy multiple life insurance policies, you may be asked to justify the amount of coverage you request.

​Calculating your costs can be time consuming and to get the best level of cover, it can be helpful to have an insurance advisor work this out for you.

Can you claim two life insurance policies?

Yes, it is possible to claim on more than one policy. In the event that you pass away during the policy’s term, your beneficiaries will be asked to provide a copy of your death certificate to confirm the cause and date of death. 

This will start the claim process, although, if you have multiple life insurance policies, your beneficiaries will need to initiate a claim with each provider to receive their inheritance.

A typical life insurance claim can take up to 60 days, although usually it will be less than this.

Can you have life insurance with more than one company?

There are no rules regarding which company or companies you can take your life insurance policies with.  

However, before you take out two life insurance policies with the same company, you might want to compare the costs of increasing your initial policy cover versus taking out an additional policy. This can help you to avoid doubling up on cover or unnecessarily paying for the same level of cover twice.

Buying more than one life insurance policy might be the right option depending on your circumstances and what it is you need from your cover. You should also keep in mind that some insurers will apply a ‘multi-benefit discount’ if you take out more than one policy with them.

That being said,  it’s always worth checking with an expert how each policy and the terms and conditions of each contract, could affect your beneficiaries if they make numerous claims with the same company.

Where can you buy multiple life insurance policies?

The internet can be a great source of information and quick quotes can be found using online calculators.

The problem with online tools is that they often fail to ask or include information that could affect the cost of your insurance premiums as well as how much your cash payout will be. They also cannot take your needs and circumstances into account.

An alternative option would be to seek the help of an insurance advisor. Many people prefer this route as it allows them to compare numerous life insurance quotes which have been calculated based on relevant information.

This can make the quotes you receive far more accurate making the process of finding multiple life insurance policies a lot quicker, potentially saving you time and money in the long run.

How many life insurance policies can you have? Ask an expert!

If you’re unsure about whether you can or should take out multiple life insurance policies, make a quick enquiry or call 0808 189 0463.
The experts we work with can let you know if you can have more than 1 life insurance policy and can research companies on your behalf to determine which ones are worth taking out multiple life insurance policies with.