Updated: April 27, 2022

Professional Mortgages

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People in certain occupations, such as doctors, lawyers and police officers, often have access to exclusive mortgage deals and special schemes to help them onto the property ladder.

The best way to find lenders offering these incentives is to apply through a broker who specialises in your profession; but before you get started, why not read up on the mortgage options someone in your line of work typically has? See our articles below for more information.

A Guide to Mortgages for Professionals

The place to begin for an overview of how your profession affects your mortgage prospects and how to find a broker who can boost them.

Mortgages for Solicitors

A guide to mortgages for solicitors, covering what kind of mortgage options they have, whether there are exclusive deals for people in this field and more.

Mortgages for Dentists

Find out how to get the best mortgage deal if you’re a dentist, which lenders might offer exclusive rates and how to find the right broker.

Mortgages for Doctors

Learn what your mortgage prospects are if you’re a doctor, how you could borrow more because of your profession and where to get specialist advice.

Mortgages for Firefighters

A guide to mortgages for firefighters, covering everything from how to get the best deal to finding a broker who specialises in this profession.

Mortgages for Foster Carers

How to get a mortgage as a foster carer, including the deals available for these professionals and finding a broker who understands your income type.

Mortgages for Graduates

Find out what kind of mortgage you can get if you’re a graduate, how your qualifications make a difference and where to get professional advice.

Mortgages for Nurses

A guide to mortgages for nurses, covering the schemes you can apply for, the lenders who’ll offer exclusive deals for NHS workers and much more.

Military Mortgages

Get a firm idea of your mortgage options if you’re in the military, including schemes you can apply for and brokers who can help you.

Mortgages for Teachers

Find out whether teachers get special mortgage deals, what options they typically have when buying property and where they can get advice about this.

FCA Disclaimer

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